About Us

Euro Alliance Consulting L.L.C. / EAC Slovenian Business Club is an international consulting company, providing its clients and partners with a wide range of business consulting services, supporting by experienced international and local consultants and project managers.

The purpose of the EAC SBC Club is to connect Club Members on the basis of mutual interest. Thus they will provide for their own development, development of their companies and finally the development of the Kosovan and Slovenian society.

They will join their developmental views and entrepreneurial interests through the mutual club agency, EAC Slovenian Business Club, which will carry out support and cooperation among members through their fellow-commitment. They will thus enable easier access for individuals and the agency to the local and global market and become the first business club on the territory of the Republic of Kosovo with a goal to achieve and provide conditions for concrete effects abroad.

Our mission is to provide professional services that encompass best supporting systems for applying international and local tenders. EAC helps clients in preparation of winning tender documentation, supporting documents for new registered business, offering tailor-made consultancy and advices for successful startups. We build relationship by providing services based on quality and integrity by ethical manners. We encourage open and sincere communication with our clients. We are particularly focused on ensuring that our work and the development of our business, benefits the clients we work for. In addition, we are developing a strategy and client service culture that ensures satisfaction level for both sides.

Our vision is to become most successful smart partnership oriented consulting company specialized for tenders support and in sustainable business design development.
Commitment to our clients means to increase the business productivity for our client, helping them to recognize the niche and profit scale which come from using our services. EAC stimulates cooperation with clients on long term.
EAC offers you experts who understand the complexities of the government laws, regulations and requirements that impact many businesses.

“There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs!”
-Author Unknown